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May 28, 2020
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Updated: May. 28 (09:10)
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MFRD Launches Upgrade in Medical Response Service
Updated On: Aug 04, 2014

MFRD Launches Upgrade in Medical Response Services

Murfreesboro, TN—Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department announced the launch of upgraded medical response services Monday morning at MFRD Headquarters in the presence of Rutherford County Emergency Medical Services, city leaders, and fire department personnel. 

The launch marked the beginning of MFRD’s move to provide basic life support (BLS) services to the citizens and visitors of Murfreesboro. Until now, the department has been operating at a medical first responder level. MFRD is now the first fire department in Rutherford County to provide BLS to its citizens. 

In October 2013, MFRD began the rigorous training and credentialing process with the assistance of Rutherford County EMS. Each of the department’s licensed EMT-IVs, AEMTs, and Paramedics were required to complete a general knowledge written test, practical skills evaluation, eight hours of clinical training and evaluation on an ambulance with Field Training Officers, and eight hours of medical in-service training. 

New protocols for treatment were developed and advanced assessment equipment was purchased and placed on all fire apparatus. MFRD’s credentialed personnel will now be able to perform tasks such as testing blood sugar and oxygen levels and administering medication to patients who complain of chest pain and other symptoms of a heart attack. 

Although MFRD will be providing a higher level of care, Rutherford County EMS will continue to provide patient transport. 

“It is clear that both Rutherford County EMS and MFRD have a common goal of providing the best care for the community,” said Assistant Chief-Medical Services Kim Lawson. “We are very appreciative of the support we’ve received from Rutherford County EMS, our city and county leaders, and most of all, our employees.”

From MFRD FaceBook Page

(L to R): Shift Commander Tim Swann, Fire/Medical Training Coordinator Nicole Miller, Assistant Chief Kaye Jernigan, Deputy Chief Roger Toombs, Assistant Chief Kim Lawson, Councilmember Rick LaLance, Assistant Chief Allen Swader, Mayor Shane McFarland, City Manager Rob Lyons, Rutherford County EMS Director of Education and Planning Randy White, and Assistant City Manager Jim Crumley.

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